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I noticed there is an issue between Bose® Bluetooth® headset Series 2 and iPhone iOs due to A2DP implementation. Result is that except incoming calls sounds, all other sounds are diverted and can hear them ONLY through the headset and not the phone, which is rather frustrating as users will have to wear the headset all the time, if they don't want to miss emails, messages, etc.



Found a solution to the problem and thought of sharing: (I believe this might work with other bluetooth headsets as well besides the BOSE)::



Double-tap the HOME button on your iPhone and the open apps bar will appear. By sliding twice from left-to-right the volume bar will appear along with a triangle - airserver looking button: press the tringle and you will get the available options as to which speaker the user wants the iPhone to use: usually it is either BOSE bluetooth headset or iPhone: by selecting iPhone, all sounds will be diverted to the phone's speaker and not the headset. 



NOTE(1)  :: Connection to the headset is NOT lost. You will still be able to answer calls from the headset or place calls and talk using the headset.

NOTE (2) :: I have noticed that by using this by-pass trick, BOSE headset's battery stand-by time has extended dramatically, to almost double!



Hope this helps other iPhone users like myself.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6