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First off, I had lots of questions about the use of the nano 7th gen with BT headsets since I never had either capabilities for music.  I wanted to know if they worked well while running, would I get drop-outs, could I wear the Nano at my waist as the manual stated and still use the BT headset which often requires the palyer to be worn on the arm (as stated by many customers and websites.)  After finding all my answers and obtaining the newest and greatest BT headset I could find, I wanted to share the experience to help others since some have similar concerns.


1) Bought the Motorola S-11 Flex HD http://www.motorola.com/us/consumers/MOTOROLA-S11-FLEX-HD-Wireless-Stereo-Headph ones/m-S11-FLEX,en_US,pd.html and paired it with the Nano 7G.

2) Not one dropout during my 1 hour run thru Tropical storm weather today. (Hurricane Sandy near Virginia Beach, VA)  This is a tribute to the Nano's BT 4.0 tecnology, no doubt.  For the headset, no real wind sounds, only a bit of sqeaking from the silicone inserts being wet in my ear drum.  The headset didn't bounce at all and was in no way discomfortable during my 25 minute run. (Run cut short due to my trail being closed from flooding) The silicone ear peices are real soft compared to others, the neckband is SUPER flexible and not too compressive to the ear drum.  It has a reflective band on the back for visibility.  After using it for over an hour, the voice tells me there is more than 5 hours of playtime remaining when I last turned it on.  Total battery capacity time is still uncertain.

3) I was able to use the Nike Fitness from the Nano with the Nano placed in my waist Spi-belt.  It also worked well on my left arm.  Other sporty BT headsets claim that they have dropouts unless placed on your right arm.  Not the case with this combination of the Nano 7G and the above headset.  Perfect reception 100% of the time with outstanding sound.  Really outstanding sound.

4) Nano Nike Fitness was super accurate once I calibrated it 5 times.  It learns each time and becomes more accurate.  It was never more than .01 off from my Garmin 610 GPS watch during each check at each .5 mile mark during my 2.5 mile test.

5) I got home and wanted to pair the Motorola BT headset with my iPad.  The iPad showed that the headset was paired, but it did not play the music. Then after I contacted a Motorola chat agent, who couldn't provide any help, I discovered that you cannot pair the headset with more than one player even if the other player is completely turned off. I.E. you need to turn off the BT or forget the device.  Once I dropped the Nano, the iPad worked great.  I was able to swap back and forth by pressing "forget this device" each time.


All in all both items work great and paired wonderfully and sound fantastic.  I hope motivated and hesitant runners trust me in saying this is a great match.

iPod nano (7th generation)