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My wife and I have an iPhone 4 and 4S.  In addition to our camcorder, we use our phones to record video.  For some reason, some of our videos in iPhoto are not being shown in iMovie.  Most are, but some videos that are several months old are missing.  Is there a way to rescan iPhoto for these missing videos?  We normally view them in iMovie under the iPhoto section.


I am running the latest iLife programs and have Snow Leopard.


Thank you for your help if you can.



iMovie '11, iOS 6
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    After calling Apple (they were no help and I was disappointed) I kept searching in the Apple support community and found the answer. 


    To get iMovie '11 to show the iPhoto videos under the event library on the bottom left of iMovie, you simply have to empty your iPhoto trash.  Once the trash was emptied, I restarted iMovie and the problem was fixed after iMovie did a search and showed the thumbnails of the videos. 


    Again, this info came from another person on the support community.  Hope this helps someone else.



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    It is crazy that iMove and iPhoto have a bug this bad (still exists in 2014?!?!?). Thanks for the solution though. It works.