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Which is better, Logic pro 9 or Adobe Audition CS6? I usually use Adobe Audition CS6 but I keep hearing a lot about Logic Pro 9. So I'm curious what are the features of Logic Pro 9 , the pros and cons, and overall which one is better? If anyone can help answer this it'll be greatly appreciated!

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    Logic is for the Music Producer, Mixer, Musician, etc. It's a package that does everything at super high level and that can be expanded with software (VST plugins etc). Basically: it's used for a huge part of the music that gets released. It comes with a huge load of sounds, loops, etc. This program has been around for ages and can be considered to be at the top of it's kind. Other options would be programs like Cubase from Steinberg, Ableton Live & Sony Acid Pro. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages.


    I haven't worked with Adobe Audition, but it seems to me it's more a music-editing program. Not aimed at writing, producing, etc. A bit like Protools used to be (Protools is now way more versatile though)...


    Sooooo...It depends on what you want to do. If you want to compose music, create sounds, work with sampling, record midi as well as audio, then Logic Pro is the way to go. The price of the package can be called "ridiculously low"! You get someting amazing for a few hundred bucks.



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    Right. "The price of the package can be called 'ridiculously low'"! About the same price as Adobe Audition, actually. Well WAS until now you have to rent it to use it and keep paying.


    So for just the editing capabilities does Logic Pro match other music editing programs? Peak was my go to but it's gone. I have played in Audition and I try to love it. Logic is hard to learn, but once learned it could be a dream. Or it could be an 'almost full-featured' editor.


    There's a button in Logic Pro that allows you to go 'out' to your assigned editor and then come back 'in' again. That soudns suspicious to me.