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I have to create a WiFi network for a Theater performance between my MacBook Pro and 3 iPhones 4


I plan to use my old Apple Airport Extreme Base 802.11n (is the fact that it's based on an IEEE 802.11n draft specification is not a problem), Model A1301 (3rd Generation) - March  2009

I could get it connected directly to my laptop by Ethernet cable.


I need your advises to get :

- best bandwidth from iPhones to Airport base (Base settings, iPhones settings)

- best stability

- as low as possible network perturbations


Thanks for your help


iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    Do you want to set up a Wi-Fi LAN without ethernet access? - and what version ot the Airport Utility are you using on your Mac?

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    I have Airport Utility version 6.1 and my Mac OS is 10.7.5


    As far as I know, I'd prefer to set up a Wi-Fi LAN with ethernet access as I think it would be better to get Ethernet connexion between Airport base and my MacBook Pro. And let all the WiFI bandwidth for the 3 connexions from iPhones 4 to the Airport base.


    I have an software on my Mac that uses the 3 live video streams.

    I need an optimal bandwidth and very good stability to get smooth video and best image quality…

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    What type of internet service do you have, how fast is it and how would you connect to it in the theater on your Mac

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    Oops I should have been unclear…


    I don't need any internet connexion. Just best connexions between 3 iPhones 4 and my MacBok Pro via Airport Extreme

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    I can advise you on setting up the Extreme but connecting Macs and iPhones and your software is out of my area of experience - you would need to post that question in the appropriate forum - would you like information on setting up the Extreme?

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    So that should be OK:

    - I just need help to built the best private wifi network between 3 iPhones 4 and my MBP throught my old Airport Extreme base.


    - I don't need an internet connexion for this project

    - I don't need help for softwares

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    Ok - thanks - this is not a common setup so I am going to set it up myself and then list the steps for you so give me some time and I will get back to you

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    Great thank you

    I stay tuned!

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    Ok - I got it going at this end - now you try it - first you have to do a factory reset on the Extreme - unplug the Extreme - hold in the reset button while plugging it back in - when the light flashes, release the button - wait until the light flashes slowly indicating a factory reset - then connect an ethernet cable from the mac to a LAN port on the Extreme and open the Airport Utility - you should see the Extreme - you may have to switch off the Wi-Fi on the mac to do it this way - if you can't see the Extreme try the WAN port - let me know if you ge to this point and we will proceed

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    Unfortunately I broke my leg a few days ago and I have several weeks without being able to move and plug anything...  so all has to be theorical for now!



    I follow you.

    I'm sure there will be no problem with the LAN connexion...

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    OK - sorry to hear about your leg - here is the information that you will use - you can do it manually or with the assist feature:

    Connect via Ethernet - you will choose to ignore the error message for this choice later

    Create a new network

    Name the Network

    Assign a password to the base station  - you may be given a choice of single or separate passwords - choose separate

    Choose no security or enter network password if you want to - I recommend a simple 8 character password

    Choose WPA2 Personal security if you choose to use a password

    Ethernet WAN port off

    No guest network

    No setup over WAN

    Accept all other defaults

    When you are done press update - you will see several error messages - choose to ignore them all - the above is not necessarily in the correct order depending on your version of the Airport Utility.

    If you need help when you try it yourself let me know - it worked here - it should work for you.


    I hope your recovery goes well,


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    Thank you CRMDVM


    - When you say:

    "When you are done press update - you will see several error messages - choose to ignore them all "

    What are these alert about ?

    - with these settings I get full bandwidth potential from the Airport base?

    - nothing special to avoid/protect from perturbations from theater and audience?

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    These messages are because in order to do what you want, we had to set up the Extreme as if it was attached via ethernet and receiving internet, etc. - so when you update to save your settings, it will be reporting errors because these settings are not valid - this will not affect the performance of the Extreme - however in a theater setting, you will have to have the Extreme as close as possible to the users to achieve your goal - I cannot guarantee that it will work in your situation exactly but the Extreme will be transmitting at full capability - I setup my Extreme with the Assist Me feature of the AU - this is one reason why more of the error messages appear - I thought this might be easier for you - if you want to I can try the manual method and see if it decreases the number of mesages - but it really doesn't make any difference in performance - and I can't do it until Thursday when I am back in the office - I don't have an extra Extreme to try it at home - let me know.