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I had my iPhone 5 stolen yesterday. Sorry for the irrelevant detail but I am grumpy, and what adds insult to injury is that I may have to wait weeks to get a replacement. So, I am using my museum-piece original iPhone running iOS 3.1.3. It is very slow but it works as a phone and I can _receive_ email. Could be worse.


The problem is _sending_. I am an original mac.com user who has upgraded to iCloud, and that is still my email. I just cannot seem to configure the SMTP correctly. I have tried:

- amending the MobileMe settings and deleting those and creating new ones under "other"

- SMTP is smtp.mail.me.com, uses <me>@mac.com as user name, password is correct, SSL is on, Authentication is password, port 587.

- Tried as above but with username just as <me> (no mac.com). No difference.

- Tried just smtp.me.com. No difference.
I have been to the Apple page at http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4864


I just can't seem to send an email on my iCloud email account. I think I have ried every combination of the above. I am overlooking something?


Thanks for helping me out.