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I was out of town this weekend, and sometimes had 3G and sometimes had Wi-Fi. In either case, when I tried to send an email or reply to an email, it said the server did not recognize the email address. A copy of the email was put in my outbox, but I never could send them. I got on the phone with my Verizon call center, but they could not fix the problem either. Any thoughts on why this happens?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6, Tells me it does not recognize the email Address
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    Who is the email account provider and does the provider have an authenticated SMTP or outgoing mail server that you are using to send email with the account?


    Most, if not all internet service providers block the use of SMTP servers that are outside of the ISP's network or not provided by the ISP being used for your internet connection at the time unless the SMTP server is authenticated with a user name and password.


    My business and personal email accounts have an authenticated SMTP server and I've never had a problem sending with either account regardless my location and internet connection at the time - via various wi-fi networks with different associated internet service providers and when connected to ATT's cellular network.

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    My friend helped me figure it out. I had my settings in advanced mail set to SSL on. Once I switched SSL off, It changed my server port and I was able to send mail on 3G.