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When I try to backup my ipad 2 and iphone 5 either manually or automatically when plugged and connected to wifi it says last back up could not be completed. I know it's a software bug because the icloud backup was working before I updated to ios 6 and now that I've updated to ios 6 it fails to backup on icloud plus I have 15GB icloud storage and it still won't back up. Also it's not a corrupted app because i turned all apps off the backup still doesnt work. Has anyone else experienced this after updating to ios 6.

iPhone 5, iOS 6, Devices affected are
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    If its a software bug then no one here can help.


    it isn't a software bug, bug whilst you continue to convince yourself it is, no one here can help you.

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    How do you know it isn't a software bug

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    People don't appear to be having similar issues in any large numbers, those that do, have it with both OS's and many seem to resolve similar issues.

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    If you get the error "Backup not successful" and you've tried deleting the last backup and trying to back up manually without luck, try the following test:   Go to...


    Settings>iCloud>Storage & Backup>manage Storage, tap your device name in the Backups section, then look under Backup options.  Turn off all apps from backup and then do a manual backup.  If that doesn't work, then this post will not help.  If the backup works, then go back to the app list and turn some on and try another backup.  If successful, keep repeating these steps.  If it fails at some point, then try to zero in on the one app that seems to make the backup fail.  (I had this problem and found one app failing, probably due to a corrupt data file.)


    This process will take time, but if a backup works with no app data being used but clearly fails with the original settings, then somewhere in the mix of apps is a "bad" one.

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    It looks like you need to install iOS 6.0.1 that was released yesterday.  You can find more information here: http://lighthousetechnologies.com/blog/software-testing-iphone-5-bug-upgrade



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