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I've tried many ways to share videos with different clients, they mostly have windows computers (and windows media player I guess). I tried .mov (H.264) and mp4 (also H.264) from final cut pro X, but also from Compressor. I also did some test exporting Apple ProRes and then converting them with Mpeg streamclip, or even with Adobe Media encoder. Same problem, windows does not see these videos. I finally had to use a mov to wmv converter, but the final quality is really bad. Or upload the videos to vimeo, and then share the link (but I haven´t got a plus account, so I guess what I´m doing is not allowed, and i have only 500 mb per week). I believe that windows media player can be updated to open these phootage, but I cannot explain that to my clients.


Which would be the most compatible video format to share with clients?

Which paramaters should I take care of while exporting them?






MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7), ATI Radeon
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    You should be able to export as H.264... I'm going to guess that your problem might not be the video -- it might be the audio. The audio track should be converted to AAC. Try exporting H.264 directly from FCPX. From Share > Export File (you might need to add that destination) > Settings > Video Codec > H.264 (audio should automatically change to AAC.)  If you export as ProRes and transcode from another app, they might not be converting the audio for compatibility (LinearPCM/AIFF is not an "expected" audio format with h264/mp4, or even WMV, etc.)