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Hi there, i'm experiencing an annoing issue with my built in iSight: is not on focus, with every application i try, Facetime, Photo Booth or whatever, the camera is not focused.


This is what System Information tells me:


Built-in iSight:


  Product ID:          0x8507

  Vendor ID:          0x05ac  (Apple Inc.)

  Version:           4.19

  Serial Number:          8H92G01W040Y3L00

  Speed:          Up to 480 Mb/sec

  Manufacturer:          Apple Inc.

  Location ID:          0x24400000 / 2

  Current Available (mA):          500

  Current Required (mA):          500


I've downloaded iGlasses but i didn't get the point on what this application could help me out.

Any suggestion from your side? Is the Camera gone?