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Dear Apple


I want to get rid of the noise of my Macbook when using the Cinema Display.


And I have following solution in mind...

Please make it possible that wireless keyboard and trackpad communicate directly to the Display (by blue tooth) and via the Display wired to the Macbook.

Provide us with a cable of 6 meter so we can put that Macbook in another room and use the wireless Keyboard sitting in front of the Display.


Right now the keyboard has to be close to the Macbook, to make blue tooth work without failure, and that is not logical!!


The logic relation is the distance from the keyboard to the display, because these 2 items have to be close during working: looking at the display while typing...


The other relation, keyboard to Macbook doesnot need to be close!!


I would love to put my Macbook in the room beside, not hearing the noise and work in front of the display!

Everyone using a Display has the same problem: Macbook makes noise because the grafic card needs cooling while serving the huge display...

And the only ones using a Display are those that have macbook and not iMac!!


Please do something about it!

Thanks Joost

Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    There are several ways you can do this now.


    Depending on which display you have, you can probably purchase a long extending cord or cords for it to connect to whatever ports you have on the MacBook (this may not work with Thunderbolt, I don't know). You would also need to extend the USB connection, and FireWire if you need it. If you have an Apple Display that also powers the MacBook with a MagSafe connection, you'll have to power the MacBook from its own wall power brick instead.


    As for Bluetooth, there are plenty of small Bluetooth adapters that plug right in to a USB port, and are very small. You wouldn't notice them behind an Apple Cinema display.


    And remember, depending on where the MacBook is in relation to the keyboard, you may still be able to use the built-in BT. If, for example, your MacBook is just on the other side of a wall, you still may be in range, even though you need a long cord to go around the wall.