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I have a late 2006 imac with isight so its quite old. My issue is that GPU really overheats, everything else is in normal range but it get to about 68C when Ijust have safari open or skyping which doesnt seem graphic intensive. I do have a 2nd display plugged in (as its screen has those coloured vertical lines and Im not paying for the screen to be replaced) which would make the GPU a bit hotter but nothing like this!

When I used photoshop, the GPU went up to about 74C which is far to hot for my liking, everything else was around 40C.

I really need this computer to last me 3 years whilest Im at uni and I will be needing to use photoshop.


I have downloaded SMC fan control but Im not sure which fan would be the best to ramp up....(plus I know these old imacs are nortouious for overheating)

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 2006 model