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OK, I know this is going to work. Seems other have installed it in BC, with few problems. But, I already have Windows 7 installed, loaded with a lot of applications I need. If I get the full version of Windows 8, will it install over W7, and not affect my applications?



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    That will depend on what version of Windows 7 you are running.  You can simply download the Upgrade Assistant to determine if the upgrade will keep your files and programs intact.  I simply do not like doing upgrades because every time I have attempted to do it, the upgrade does not run smoothly for me and nine times out of ten, I have ended up nuking my PC and doing a clean install.  As an advice, back up your files that you simply can't live without to an external hard drive. And if you have the installation disks for your software, then I would do a clean install.  If you don't have your software disks to re-install your software, then I would still backup my files and attempt to do an upgrade.


    I have managed to get Windows 8 to work on Bootcamp doing a clean install.  When you go to install the bootcamp drivers, I changed the compatability mode on the setup executable to Windows 7.  The only thing that I noticed with the install is that the on-screen display does not come up; ie, if you eject a disc from your Super Drive, the on-screen pop up did not appear. Neither did it came up when I used the various function keys to change the display brightness, or volume.  The functionality of the keys work; the on screen indicator does not.


    Windows 8 runs perfect on Bootcamp and I have not had any issues since I have installed it.


    In all, good luck!

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    It would be from Windos 7 Ultimate, to a top level of Windows 8

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    With Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 8 Pro, you will need to do a clean install.

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    I upgraded from Win 7 standard version to Win 8, it seems to work OK so far except I lost the ability to use the touchpad and brightness adjustment keys. It did crash several times at the beginning but seems to have stabilized.


    If you are just playing around and still have your Win 7 disk, back up and play around with it doing a clean install as Apple Cider did, othewise I would wait till it's officially supported. I did not do a clean install ... for my needs I can use a mouse and the screen is bright enough, I DID notice the Macbook was running very hot but that could be normal for all Bootcamp scenarios...

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    I updated win7 ultimat 64bit to win8 Pro 64bit

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    OK, here's my question: Did the apps you had installed, beyond what came with 7 Ultimate, continue to work? Thanks.

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    As I said I did not have Win 7 Ultimate and I know you are asking someone else, but I don't see why it should be any different that I upgraded from a regular Win 7 OEM edition (from memory), and so far I tested one application and it works just fine.

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    I am not concerned about that. If you read my OP, I am concerned that the applications already installed will be disabled or removed. What I need to now (maybe not what concerns you) is if I cn install over MY 7 Ultimate, with MY 8 Pro, and all the applications will be there, working. Thank you.

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    I have the same query too. I have Windows 7 ultimate running on bootcamp. Is it okay to upgrade to windows 8 pro without having to reinstall the applications on windows or any drivers.

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    I wouldn't do it again. I had Win8 RTM with Boot Camp 4.0 drivers (which are perfect for Win7, but medicore for Win8). There are just no official drivers, and this could corrupt your drives, do very strange things.


    For example I had read rights for my HFS+ from Windows, which suddenly without any reason was restricted to a few folders. Installing Paragon helped, but this corrupted Win8 and OSX partition after a few days.


    Also scale support (150-200%) is very poor in Win8, which works perfect in Win7 (weird mouse issues).


    Also Win8 has a feature like a fast boot (mini hibernation), which can prduce weird blue screens after a while.


    I'll wait for the official drivers. Win8 is the better OS, still.

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    Reery is it possible since Win8 RTM came out and Win 8 Pro has been released there would be any improvement?


    Obviously it's better to wait for the official drivers, but if you don't need HFS+ from Windows and just want to run some programs what's the danger? What do you mean by "corrupt your drives" ? You mean hard drives and external backup drives?


    Thanks for your feedback

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    I read about not working touchpad drivers for 2011 MacBook Pro's in Win8, also HDMI audio and optical output are not working at all on my rMBP, which isn't a big issue.


    It shouldn't do any harm if you just want Win8 for a few programs and don't need to access your OSX drive.


    It corrupted my rMBP SSD drive completely. Win8 always does some maintenance at 3 a.m. and I left my laptop running the whole night playing music. Two days in a row I got bluescreens (fault 139) at exactly 3 a.m. when maintenance starts. When I booted afterwards in OSX I saw a progress bar and taking about 5 minutes to load OSX (actually such a bar means a serious problem in OSX). On the second day the laptop just restarted when the bar finished. When I tried to boot in Win8 I got a bluescreen 30 seconds after login screen - every time.

    So both systems corrupted thanks to incompatiblity, either Paragons HFS+ driver or just shear incompatiblity.


    External drives were not affected, I use them regularily but not 24/7.

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    I followed your instructions for the clean install and it worked! Thanks!


    The keyboard light controls don't work (F5 and F6 keys) - something I can live with until the proper drivers come out. The main thing is I can use the touchpad and the screen brightness keys work.

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    Thank you. I guess I shall stick around with Win 7 for now