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The article to which responds states that "this update" supersedes all others.  But there is no link to an update. What am I missing here?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    I don't know how much you know about this area, so you may already be aware of some or all of the following; I'm not entirely certain of what you're asking, and I don't know how familiar you are with this topic.  No offense is intended.


    First, Java is distinct from Javascript; the two are entirely separate, and there have been no changes to Javascript support.


    I'm also going to assume that your question is related to the Java security morass and the Java HT5242 tech-note; to the current Java security update.


    If so, then recognize that Java is not installed by default on OS X 10.7 and later.  If you're not getting offered the update, then you either don't have Java installed, or the update has already been installed, or something has gotten confused.


    If you do have Java installed, then Apple Software Update was offering the Java updates (again, only if Java is installed), though Apple has deprecated its support for Java; you'll eventually need to fetch all future updates directly from Oracle. 


    This parallels the case for (for instance) updates to Adobe Flash Player on OS X.  Including the automatic-disable mechanisms, if down-revision versions are detected, AFAIK.


    There have been some issues around changes with the Java web plug-in, too; IIRC, that got disabled.  And resolving that likely requires a trip over to the Oracle Java web site to sort out.  There were (and are) various related discussions in the archives of the Apple OS X Java mailing list, too.