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I've read the posts and still not exactly sure about this.


I have a children's picture book, so each page is one picture. I bring it in at 264 dpi, 1024 by 768 and it comes in like a fourth the size, not full page. So I resize it to full page. Is that the best way to do it?


Am I doing something wrong that it doesn't come in full size? Should the dimensions be different?


Many thanks,


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    > I bring it in at 264 dpi...


    Anything over 72 dpi is wasted and only acts to bulk up the process.


    >I've read the posts...

    Not sure what can be added if you've already been thru the existing posts on sizing, sorry.


    You want a full-sized photo where....background...widget....? Which orientation?

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    I read for the iPad 3 to use the 264 resolution.


    The thing is from the posts I'm importing in this size, but it is not filling the page. It fills a fourth the page. So I need to stretch it to fill the entire page. I would think it should come in full size so I don't need to stretch it.


    Shouldn't I just drag it in and have it fit the page perfectly?


    Many thanks,

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    I think I understand what you are saying.


    The thing to remember is to customise all your images before starting out on your book.


    For  best display in iPad 3 Retina,  images in landscape should be 2048 width and height can be 1536 or 1496.

    you  should set your resolution before setting the size dimentions and check the constrain of whatever image processor  used does not aler this.  Any  image  bigger then 2 megapixels ( unless the recent updates changed this) will be flagged  after you click "Deliver" and will need to  be adjusted  before you can move on.


    After your images are iBA ready - if your  page has a placeholder image & is masked... drag your image and drop into the placeholder - before "dropping" make sure you see the  blue outline in the mask or the image will sit on top of and not in the mask and it  will adopt the  dimentions. After that you can juggle with the mask and or placeholder frame setting as you will.

    Dragging an image  and dropping outside of, or on a page without a placeholder mask - and your image will - as you say appear to be smaller. Open the  Inspector at the rule icon =Metrics and it will show a size.. say.. 507 x 650.  Look for the bar "Original Size" click that and it will show your  images as..say, 2048 x 1536. Cancel that and return to the small images and pull it to the size you want to display or you  can  add a mask to the image and  resize as desired.


    Having  jumped through hoops with this and similar image size and placings, I now set up a template and using  1 landscape masked placeholder image and one in portrait, I set the layout ( copy and paste the placeholder images as many as you require) and then drop in my chosen images.

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    Wow. Thank you! This helps me a lot. I really appreciate your comment.


    It still comes in a small, see screen shot. So I should just drag it to full size then or use a mask. Got it.


    When optimzing for the web for .jpgs in Photoshop, what's a good size (i.e. 500 k, 1 mg, etc.) to keep each photo? I'm using 80% and it's 600k. 100% is 1 mb.


    At 264 resolution too. Correct?


    For a picture book (one picture per page), is it best to use anchored or floating?


    Many, many thanks,



    Screen shot of image 264 dpi, 2048 by 1536 dragged into IBA. Saved for the web in Photoshop at 80% and around 600k. Does not drag in full screen.

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    By the way, when I bring it in at 2048 by 1536, 264 dpi and stretch it, it doesn't fit the page exactly. See on the right side? I need to unconstrain and stretch it to fit the page. Is that correct? It seems like it should just fit exactly into place when I stretch it?


    Thanks again,



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    If you have pre-sized your images at 2048 x 1536, it will fill the page. If you  have  images smaller or bigger than the accepted dimentions, Apple will  not deliver the book. The image size Apple look at is the original image size NOT the size you have it on your page.

    Remember what I wrote. IF you dont drop the iamge into a masked will be smaller than the page and you need to pull to teh size you want.

    IF you drop the image into a masked placeholder correctly - you can then edit teh  mask size and also the  image size to fit the aperture.

    IF  you want a full size image as the background - you will need to pull  the dropped image to size.

    You can also edit your template to that all or selected page types ( chapter, section, page etc )  have  your BG image locked in place and un-editable if you choose.


    The screen shot you have shows you have put the image over the text template. if you are not using  the text part.. you can delete it of kill the  linking to other pages. Its often better to have a blank page if you are  making a pictorial and adding text  using teh text box option. Even so,  if you  pull that image over the text template... it will force it off that page or sit on top of it.

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    it's difficult to understand what you need..

    of course image 2048x1536 doesn't fit the page exactly.. in ibook there is a 40px tool bar.. images must be 2008x1536 or 1496x2048 so you must mask or resize it (i  agree with vinnyvg).

    why do you refer always to 264dpi, as says KT "Anything over 72 dpi is wasted and only acts to bulk up the process" if your images have been saved for web they are in 72dpi

    264 ppp is the ipad3 resolution it means that there is 264 pixels x 7,75 pouces = 2048

    if you want high resolution image 2048x1536 save for web in jpg at 70% is a good compromise

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    This is extracted from a support email:


    Thank you for contacting iBookstore Publisher Support.

    Our book image guidelines and best practices have not changed as a result of the new retina display for iPad. Images should not exceed 2 million pixels. Books with images over 2 million pixels will not go live in the iBookstore.  As stated in a previous email, the cover art may be larger than 2 million pixels, and the shortest side should be at least 1400 pixels in size.

    You can calculate pixels for your images by multiplying the height of the image by its width.  The Inspector tool is very helpful determining this information.

    Feel free to contact us again if you have any other clarification questions.



    Apple do not really help with replies like this, it would be far easier and avoid lots of confusion and work if the simply issued a table of images sizes and resolutions.

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    Ohhhhhhhh, I thought this was DPI:

    - standard screen 72

    - iPhone retina 132

    - iPad retina 264

    I thought the DPI changed because the sharpness of the retina. Wow, am I happy you cleared that up! Geez.


    Okay, got it. For a kids book with each image full screen:

    72 dpi, 2048 x 1536, 70% resolution in Photoshop put on a blank page.


    Wow. Vinnyvg, Yleb and K.T. this really helped! Thank you so much.


    Thank you again,

    ~ Elaine

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    Getting there . . .


    Hmm. . .  I brought it into IBA at the above size 2048 x 1536 and it still comes in small. If I click on original size, below is what I get—way to big.


    Why doesn't it just fit perfectly into the page?


    So do I just strecth it to fit the page and not check original size? I want it to fill the entire page.


    Many, many, many thanks!


    Screen Shot 2012-11-06 at 8.00.07 AM.png

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    put 1024 pt in size and 0 0 in position but your image must be 2048/1496 (not 2048/1536) to fill exactly

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    HI Yleb,


    Yeah! That worked!  But, why not just save the photo in photoshop to 1024 by 768, which would cut down on the file size? Bring it in that size rather than 2048 by 1536?


    Do I still save it as 2048 by 1536?


    Beyond thankful,


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    i think so,

    i have said precedent post " if you want high reso image..." may be for interactive widget that can enlarge by reader, but to my mind for fix fullscreen image 1024 / 748px is enough.

    sorry for my bad english... I am french

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    Thank you so much everyone! You all helped so much.


    Thank you,


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