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I only want about 5 photos on my ipod nano, as i want enough space for songs. I know how to put songs onto my ipod nano and how to delete songs off my ipod nano using itunes. But what about the photos????
How do i delete photos off my ipod nano? And how do i put photos onto my ipod nano?
Would really appreciate the help. I really dont understand computers!!!

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    To add photos to the nano, it is easiest to create a folder on your computer named "ipod photos", or something like that and put all the photos you want to see on your nano into this folder.

    Then open itunes and connect the ipod, go to preferences in the edit menu, go to photos, then check the box "sync photos from folder" or simlar wording. Choose the folder that you created earlier to sync photos from, instead of the default folder already highlighted.

    To remove photos from the ipod, simply remove them from the new folder and update the nano.

    The folder i suggested above removes the need to constantly move whole bunches of photos from you larger picture folders just to get selected ones onto the nano
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    thank you for your help. Actually straight after i posted the question for help on here, i thought to myself i'll create a new folder of the photos i want and put it onto the ipod. That worked! And at the same time it deleted the photos that were already on my ipod and that i didnt want on my ipod! so i solved both problems at once. I didnt think the other photos would be deleted at the same time which was great! cus i thought i'd just be adding more photos and would still be wondering how to delete photos off the ipod! But yeah i solved the problem myself by accident but still wanted replies to my post incase there was other ways of doing it, and what you said is what i did, but thank you.

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    No problem
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    iTunes treats photos in the same way as songs, in that if you clear a song from iTunes it wont be on your iPod anymore