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How can I sync my photostream from my iPad iPhoto with my photostream on my OSX iPhoto? I recently had to get a new hard drive for my iMac, which deleted all of my photos on that device. I (foolishly) didn't back them up to Time Capsule because my Photostream was showing ALL of the pictures.


The Photostream on my iPad still shows all of the pics (995). The Mac is only pulling the last 30 days onto its photostream. I want to pull all of the 995 photos from the iPad onto the Mac and put them in the Mac's iPhoto library. Is there any way to do this?

iPhoto '11, iOS 6
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    Do you have Mountain Lion 10.8.2 and iPhoto 9.4.1 on your mac?

    Then you could send your photos to a "Shared PhotoStream" and share it with yourself.



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    My problem with this is that the device receiving the transfer would only move up to 30 days worth of my pictures, which is around 150 of them. I never knew that Photostream was supposed to delete photos older than 30 days because it never did on any of my devices. But now I know.


    I've decided to share my photos from iPhoto with my flickr pro account. At least then I will have the pics somewhere.

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    But to a shared Photo Stream you can add any pictures. I have shared photos several years old this way.

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    Yes! You're right. I have pictures that I use with iPhoto to make Keynote presentations for my lectures (I'm a history prof) and this is a way I can keep them synced between my all of my Mac and iOS devices. I did not know there was no limit on shared streams! I'm already 60 percent into flicker. I will definitely try the shared stream. Now, I don't have to worry about my Lecture shared streams being deleted after 30 days. Thank you.

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    The Flickr solution seemed to be working, but it's taking a long, long, long time. So I created that shared stream, and my pics are syncing as we speak! Thank you again!

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    You are welcome. I am glad it works.