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iMovie: is there a shortcut key to zoom timeline in and out? I'm on imovie 11 version 9.0.4
posted: Tuesday October 30, 2012

iMovie '11, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    The normal way to zoom in and out would be to use the thumbnail slider. I am not aware of any keyboard shortcut for this.


    Here is a list of the keyboard shortcuts for iMovie.




    Interestingly, in Final Cut Pro, there is a keyboard shortcut for zooming the timeline. For example, Shift-Z will scale the project to fit the timeline, and command+ and command- will zoom.

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    I did go into the manual before posting and read all the shortcuts. They were the same as the ones in this link you posted and I didn't find anything that says zoom. That little slider on the bottom right is a pain. I also hate the timeline following me around everywhere I move the mouse. It should be like vegas where ever you click on any clip that's where the timeline snaps to.  Thanks for your reply AppleMan!