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When selecting the Create DVD option in the Job Action menu the project gets to about 95% of the process and then stops. It does not ask me to insert a blank DVD as shown in many of the tutorials. I have trashed preferences, followed all the offical steps to create the DVD with no result.

I have had the same problem with the older versions of Compressor and now again with 4.0.5

Any ideas?


Final Cut Pro X, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1), Imac 27inch i5 16G Ram Thunderbolt
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    This comes up a lot. Works for some (including me) but clearly  not for others… so I guess it's sensitive to different systems setups. Try inserting the disk before submitting the job. Or choose HD for output device,(which I think is a preferable workflow anyway).


    Here's a thread complaining of exactly the same thing. Note the two suggestions – especially the one by David Eaks.


    Good luck.



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    Hi Russ, thanks for the info and link. This is realy a strange problem. I am saving to HD and  this works ok. Just wish the create DVD would work for me.



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    A couple of other thoughts.


    It is possible that there is something going on with your optical drive. I'm not much of a hardware guy so I can't really suggest how you might follow up on that…except of course, have it checked out at your nearest Apple STore.


    I have occasionally gotten messages – both within FCP and C – that it is unable to locate output device. Usually, this gets sorted out in two or three seconds without me doing anything. A few times that it didn't resolve itself, I repaired permissions and things got back to normal. So you might give that a try as well.