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Hello, I tried factory resetting my MacBook Pro by erasing the hard disk using disk utilities and resintal the OS using the included CD when I bought my Mac. Once everything reinstalled and I put in the other application CD that came with it hoping to reinstall iLife, there was nothing on it! iPhoto, iWeb, iDVD that I had preinstalled with my MacBook Pro when I bought it is GONE! Is there a way to get them back? HELP!!!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
  • Kappy Level 10 (265,914 points)

    They did not disappear. You erased them when you did your factory reset. You will find it on the original discs that came with your computer or you can re-download them if they were purchased from the App Store. Or you may be able to restore them from your backups.


    iLife is not a part of OS X and never has been.

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    Installing Bundled applications such as iLife (via Applications Install DVD)

    1. To install the bundled applications, locate the Applications Install DVD that came with your computer.
    2. Insert the Applications Install disc into the optical drive.
    3. An Applications Install window appears. Double-click Install Bundled Software.
    4. The Bundled Software Applications installer window appears. Click Continue.
    5. A software license screen appears. Click Continue, read the terms, and click Agree if you accept the terms.
    6. To install all the bundled applications, click Install.
      To select individual applications, click Customize. Then, click the disclosure triangle next to Bundled Applications so you can select individual applications. When ready, click Install.
      : Clicking Standard Install on the Customize screen installs all bundled applications from the disc.
    7. When prompted, type your admin password to start the installation.


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    Mason M. wrote:


    ..erasing the hard disk using disk utilities and resintall the OS using the included CD



    To do this you had to have used c or option key to boot from the disk


    Now that you have OS X running on the machine from the internal drive, stick either disk in and look for the bundled application installer and run it.



    Last resort is to use Pacifist from CharleSoft and extract the programs from the disks

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    Thank you! I installed the Applications Install Disc the first time but iLife wasn't installed for some reason, I did not realize there was a customize button where I can choose the softwares I wanted to install. It's back now, thank you so much.