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It doesn't seem to exist any more. So what do I use to burn an IMovie movie to a disk?


So is there no app on my Macbook Pro Retina with Mountain Lion that I can use to put IMovies on a disk??????

Seems really strange. I've made a movie and now I can't find a way to put it on a disk. And IMovie 11 ( I assume it's the latest) has a menu item that says Share to IDVD. If they don't sell it anymore, why is it there? And there are no other menu choices to burn a movie to a disk. ????????????????

Thanks for any help

iMovie '11, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    So is there no app on my Macbook Pro Retina with Mountain Lion that I can use to put IMovies on a disk??????




    Seems really strange.

    Yes, very.


    And IMovie 11 ( I assume it's the latest) has a menu item that says Share to IDVD. If they don't sell it anymore, why is it there?


    It's there if you buy iDVD, you can purchase iLife 11  (includes iDVD) on disk.


    IDVD is a wonderful piece of software and well worth the low cost of $40.






    Tell Apple what you think.  ( It will be read. )



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    Yes - refering to "Share to iDVD" is a stupid remnant as there is no iDVD on New Macs. (And it did a bad job too - Much better was to "Share to MediaBrowser" and as Large or Medium (Not HD as this too gave a bad result))

    If there is no iDVD on Your Mac (and it's not on newer Macs as Apple discarded it) then You need a program that can do this.

    Your Mac can burn CDs and DVDs - BUT DVD as Data-DVDs not as Video-DVDs - they need a program to be encoded and STRUCTURED as such.

    • iDVD is part of the boxed version of iLife'11 and can only be bought outside Apple as on Amazon and e-bay (or You may have it on a previous Mac)

    • DVD Studio pro - Part of FinalCut Studio Pro bundle - this to has expired and can only be bought second handed. (High price and tough learning Curve - but best ever done.)

    • Roxio Toast™ - Not as elegant as iDVD - but has many other positive additions (I like it as 10-Pro incl BD-component) (now version 11)

    • Burn - only free alternative I know of on internet. Very simple - Just for doing a plain Video-DVD

    Burn http://www.digital-digest.com/software/Burn.html

    only You can buy from Apple is

    • FinalCut Pro-X which also can burn to DVD but without any nice themes.



    You can also buy Compressor from Apple for $50 US. It will also create DVD and BluRay but without the nice themes.


    Yours Bengt W

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    Why is there no iDVD on my new Mac?






    But even though you can still buy iLife 11 that includes iDVD 7 from Amazon, Apple now make it difficult to install:


    Poster jhb21939 posted this in another thread:

    “when I attempted to load iDVD into a new iMac. A notice came up on the screen stating that the 'Authorisation Licence' had expired on 25 March this year (2012).

    I contacted the Apple support team and eventually, I was told that the Licence had been withdrawn and could no longer be used.”


    In other words Apple are now so adamant that we don’t use iDVD that they have tried to make it impossible to install.


    In response, Old Toad posted this solution:


    “You can still use it one all of your Macs.  If you get an invalid certificdate message just set your Mac's clock to sometime before early 2011 and run the installer.  After you're done reset the time back to the correct time.” He added this comment:

    “It began after iDVD and iWeb were discontued and they were dropped from the Apple Store. All I can think of is the certificate was set to expire after a certain time period after the intitial iLife disc was released.

    I've been able to use the installer even without setting back the date.  I just clicked on the Continue button and it would work as expected.  For some it would not continue unless the date was set back.”


    The latest anorexic iMacs just announced do not even include a CD drive! Proof positive that Apple virtually prohibit the use of DVDs - although the newly announced Mac Minis do include a Superdrive.


    Yet, they still include iMovie! Heaven alone knows or understands what you are supposed to do with your newly edited masterpiece - except make a low quality version for YouTube?

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    Thanks for your help on this.  I appreciate it.

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    Would it be possible for me to load only iDVD onto my iMac using the iLife '11 package gotten through Amazon? I bought a 21.5" desktop this past August so iDVD was not included though iMovie, iPhoto and Garageband were.


    Will that version of iDVD run with Mountain Lion?

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    It will run on Mountain Lion. And yes, you can install only I dvd. Make sure to selct custom when you get to that screen and the apps that you already have will be grayed out. Be careful, though. I Photo will reinstall and there seems to be no way to turn it off. It will corrupt your current IPhoto app. If you try to open it after installing, it will not open. Just go to the App Store and reinstall it and it will be fine. I did that and had no corruption of the photos or anything else in the IPhoto library.

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    Addition: I'm assuming you bought the ILife 11-- also, be sure to update I DVD in the App Store after installation. Once done, it works really well.

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    Once you install iDVD from the iLife 11 disc you can update it to the latest (and last) version with the updaters from here: Apple - Support - Downloads. For apps originally installed from the iLife disc I prefer to manually download and run the updaters myself.


    Start with the iDVD 7.0.1 updater to get the themes from iDVD 5.  Then apply the iDVD 7.1.2 updater.  For the older themes, iDVD 1, 2, 3 and 4,  see F Shippey's post in this topic: Old themes greyed out in iDVD 09: Apple Support Communities



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    Will iDVD work with Final Cut Pro X?

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    I've purchased an iLife 11 with iDVD.  I was reading here https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-3673  that the only way to get the themes from iDVD 1-4 is to start out with the iDVD bundled with iLife 09.  How do I get to them from the iDVD that came with iLife 11?

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    The only way to get those early themes is to buy iLife 9.

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    Ok, so I installed iDVD from iLife 11 and then downloaded the updates 7.0.1, 7.0.4, 7.1.1 and 7.1.2 following Old Toad's instructions.   When I tried updating with 0.1 and 0.4 I got a message saying that my iDVD was already a newer version.  I could run the 1.1 and 1.2 updates. 


    Did I miss something or do I actually now have the latest version of iDVD with all the themes I can get (using iLife 11)?   I seem to have only themes from iDVD 6 and 7.


    I plan on getting a cheap iLife 09 to get the rest of the themes.  Will I be able to then install ONLY the iDVD 1-4 themes?

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    You should be able to by doing a custom install of just the iDVD Extra Content:



    If you have difficulty with a custom install you can use the demo verson of Pacifist to install the Extra Content package.


    This shows the iDVD contents in the iLife 09 disc via Pacifist: