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I have an iCloud email address, and 2 other non Apple POP email accounts set up in Mail running OSX 10.7.5.  I've forwarded my 2 POP accounts to my iCloud address so mail coming to those email addresses will sync with my iOS devices via iCloud.  On my Mac, if I reply to one of these messages, it wants to use the sending server for the POP account, which means the reply will not end up in my iCloud sent mail, and therefore won't sync with my iOS devices.


I tried to set up the POP account using the iCloud server with the following settings: 


Server Name: smtp.mail.me.com

Default Ports 25, 465, 587

Use Secure Sockets Layer

Password Authentication

User Name:  xxxxxxxxxx@me.com

Password:  My Apple ID Password


When I try to use this server when sending from these POP accounts, I get an error that Mail can't send with that server.  I run the connection doctor, and everything checks out OK.


Is there a way I can accomplish this?