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As per my previous question on unnamed faces, I have just upgraded to Aperture from iPhoto and am having a few teething problems as I get used to the differences.


This question should hopefully be straight forward!


I rename all my photos by their date/time.


In the different viewing settings, the only info I can see is "iPhoto original" across the bottom of the photo, with a couple of icons on the right (one is seemingly of a couple of lines; and the other of what looks like a mouse).  In iPhoto I could see the name underneath each photo (i.e. the date/time), which is what I need when viewing thumbnails of multiple photos.


I can see that very detailed photo info can be seen on the left hand side of the screen, but I just want the photo title under the photo when viewing mutltiple photos.


Therefore how do I view the name of photos, and also, what do the two icons represent?


Thank you