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I have been trying to setup wide area bonjour using ms dns server for serveral days and come up against a dead end.  In most examples on the internet BIND is used as the DNS server and all configuration is shown for BIND (except one PDF "www.grouplogic.com/Knowledge/PDFUpload/.../WanBonjour_1.pdf" which has examples for MS dns but it doesnt work).


So I have managed to configure the MS dns server as far as advertising available services but when I try to resolve a service it fails.  I think its a problem with the srv record but have tried so many different configurations for this record I have lost count.  config below.


Has any one set this up? could really do with a good example of it working on windows dns.


photo 1.PNGphoto 2.PNGphoto 3.PNGphoto 4.PNG

bonjour, Other OS, windows server 2003
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    I'm unfamiliar with that user interface so I'm not entirely clear on what it's showing, however, your screenshot seems to indicate that the TXT record is named 'webiste' instead of 'website'. For your example to work, you should have a PTR record named '_http._tcp.up.com' with a target of 'website._http._tcp.up.com'. The SRV and TXT records should be named 'website._http._tcp.up.com'.

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    thanks for the quick reply AndrewTJ - I did notice the typo after posting and corrected however the problems remains.  below is the contents of my up.com.dns file - i can see nothing out of place but cannot get a resolution


    ;  Database file up.com.dns for up.com zone.
    ;      Zone version:  22

    @                       IN  SOA dns1.up.com.  hostmaster.up.com. (
                             22           ; serial number
                             900          ; refresh
                             600          ; retry
                             86400        ; expire
                             3600       ) ; default TTL

    ;  Zone NS records

    @                       NS dns1.up.com.

    ;  Zone records

    _http._tcp.up.com.              PTR website._http._tcp.up.com.
    website._http._tcp.up.com.      TXT ( "txt path=/" )
                             SRV 0 0 80 dns1.up.com.
    _services._dns-sd._udp.up.com.  PTR _http._tcp.up.com.
    b._dns-sd._udp.up.com.          PTR @
    lb._dns-sd._udp.up.com.         PTR @
    dns1.up.com.                    A



    Any ideas?

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    That looks okay. It's likely that the previous nodata response has been cached for the SOA minimum value (default TTL in your zone print out). While you're testing it might be worth dropping both the SOA minimum and the TTL of the service discovery records to one. I'm not sure how to flush the DNS cache on an iOS device but perhaps toggling Airplane mode or rebooting the device will get you going?

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    AndrewTJ you are the man!


    working a treat now   set the TTL to 1sec and toggled airplane mode and everything plays nicely.


    thanks for your help