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4G has been launched in the UK and I have seen mobile phone shops advetisisng the the iPhone5 as compatible?


AFAIK, it is not true - am i missing somehting?

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    iPhone 5 is only compatible with the UK carrier EE and Three (Oct 2013). For Vodafone, o2 etc - the iPhone 5 will not support 4G


    This is down to the spectrums owned by each of the providers - iPhone 5 is capable of 1800mhz in UK

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    cheers sophos09


    who is EE? Never heard of them.


    SO basically, if anone else than Three say that the 5 is compatible with 4G , they are lying?

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    EE is the former Everything Everywhere which is combined of Orange and T-Mobile - their 4G service went live in the UK yesterday in 11 major cities


    Correct. I was told by Vodafone call centre that iPhone 5 will work with Vodafone 4G when its available - that was a lie

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    JUst called Vodafone CS, I qoute:


    Vodafone will launch its 4G network in April 2013, the currect iPhone 5 is not compatible but Apple will release an updated model by then that will be.

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    Interesting that Vodafone seems to know something about Apple's development lifecycle that supply chain do not know


    Apple officially said that 800mhz was an untested band and to quote Apple, was not mature enough to included the coverage.


    I'm confident that Apple will bring an updated ip5 out at some time, I would also think that Vodafone do not really know when this will be any more than you or I.