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I am using Onyx to fix up my Mac. It is running slow. When I installed Onyx, it stopped and gave me a box that said something about needing to repair volume.  It told me to get my Mac install CD, go to Utilities and then to Repair Disc. But when I inserted my install CD all I can do is install.  How else can I do this. And oddly, when I inserted the CD, the Onyx box appeared offering my Onyx choices. So I'm not sure what I should be doing at this point. It also instructed me to back up.  So not sure how to proceed.  Thanks


Running OSX 10.6.8

mac pro
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    Insert the Install DVD and boot from it by holding down the C key prior to the startup chime. Then, in the menu options you will find lots of goodies like password reset and the much desired Disk Repair. Run that so you can do a Repair Disk instead of just a Verify Disk. If errors are found, as will probably be the case given OnyX's warnings, repeat the Repair Disk activity until no more are found.  Should also do a Repair Disk Permissions for good measure, although you only need to do this once.


    The reason you need to restart with the DVD's mini-OS is that the hard disk has to be modified to do the repairs. And this can't be done if the Mac is using it as the boot source. Note that booting from an optical disk takes LOTS of time. Be patient.

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    I know this is dumb but I couldn't hold down the C key and get what you are describing. I just got the constant chiming and nothing happened.  So at exactly what point do I hold down the key.  Before I insert disk, while it's whirring? When the box appears on the screen  Seems my only choices are to click on install, DVD or CD sharing set up, optional installs or instructions. Which do I choose? And where does the holding down C key come into play with these chocies? Thanks

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    With the Mac already on, insert the DVD, let it mount and pop up on the desktop. Then do a Restart and press  and hold down the C key before the startup chime sounds. That key will tell the firmware bootloader to start the system found on the optical drive instead of the hard drive.


    Alternately, hold down the Option key. In this case, you will be rewarded with a list of the boot options, from where you can manually pick the optical drive.


    When it finishes loading from the DVD, look in the Utilities menu.

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    OWOK. I did that but it has taken me to install Mac osx. To repair disk using disk utility, restore computer from time machine. Seeming complicated. Surely there is another way . And thanks for your speedy responses

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    You'll have to get past the splash screen, possibly a language selection screen and end up on the main installer window. Ignore and do not use the install options. What you want is to get to that stage, where the menu bar pops up and gives you all the tools you need.


    Sorry for not being completely specific, but the last time I visited my SL install DVD was almost two years ago, so memory is kinda fuzzy nowadays.

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    Ok. I have to run out. this is taking longer than I thought. It better fix my speed problem after all of this  Thanks for being so patient. I'll get back to it and try to figure out my way past that screen.