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    Hi Lawrence,


    Thank you for your respone and willingness to help. When I spoke with them on the phone previously, the service rep was aware I was using an iPhone but thought the problem was that my iPhone was not unlocked. Thus, he was aware I was using an iPhone. However, he did not think that was the problem; he thought it was because it wasn't unlocked. Turns out, it wasn't - I hadn't yet seen the confirmation message. Now that I have, I suppose I will give them another call and see what they have to say..Thanks!

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    Do you think it's likely there's been an audit in the past 24 hours since I completed the process..? Admittedly, that's not the preferred method but I am under contract for the time I am abroad so going through AT&T was simply not an option. The feedback for the seller was positive. While I admit that feedback is not conclusive re: effectiveness, I imagine people would not leave positive feedback unless they successfully completed the process.

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    Whether there was an audit within any particular time period is not relevant. The unlock you attempted was illegal on several levels. It's possible that AT&T gets notification of all the serial numbers submitted for unlocking for their network and have a system that audits those and flagged yours as having been fraudulently unlocked.


    There is only one legal and legitimate way to unlock your phone. You'll have to pay off the early termination fee that AT&T will charge you and apply to have the phone unlocked by them.


    Nothing else regarding it can be discussed here at all.

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    Actually, this analysis is only correct with respect to phones purchased on or after October 28, 2012. Pursuant to the Copyright Office's most recent interperation with regards to unlocking phones, the unlock limitation applies only to "newly purchased" phones, defined as phones purchased on or after October 28, 2012 plus a 90-day grace period. This phone was purchased on September 21, 2012 (the release date) and thus is not subject to that limitation. Furthemore, it would also qualify under the grace period. Consequently, this phone is unlock-eligible without carrier permission, even during the contract period.


    However, if my request violates the individual forum's policies (although I can't see why, given the fact it is not in fact illegal), I retract my request for help. I would delete my posts, but I cannot.


    A PDF copy of the decision is available here: (see Page 16; "In order to align the exemption to current market realities, it applies only to mobile phones acquired prior to the effective date [stated on page 1 as October 28, 2012] of the exemption or within 90 days thereafter." - meaning that it IS lawful to unlock the phone if purchased before the effective date)

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    While unlocking may have not been illegal (meaning you can't go to jail for it) unlocking a phone by any method other than through the carrier it is locked to is in breach of the contract you agreed to when you purchased the phone, as well as the license agreement that you accepted from Apple when you chose to use iOS. So for both of those reasons discussion of unlocking by any means violates the Terms of Use of the forum.

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    If the phone falls within the specified criteria, then it is not a criminal offense for you as an individual to unlock it. It is, however (as Lawrence points out) a violation of the EULA for the phone and your contract with AT&T to do so.


    AT&T is the only entity that has the legal right to authorize unlocking the phone. The phone is locked to them. You can try to circumvent it without fear of prosecution, however, they have every right to take measures to prevent you from doing so and to re-lock the phone.


    It is, strictly speaking, illegal for you to attempt to unlock the phone through any means other than going through the carrier it's locked to to do so.


    It's also a violation of the TOS to discuss any other method of unlocking the phone.


    Man up and pay the ETF.

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    hi nathan


    ive had a message from my carrier saying congratz your iphone is unlocked, to complete it connect to itunes. i have restored it on itunes as a new iphone and i didnt get a message and my other sims still dont work. any ideas?

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    It can take several days for Apple to update their activation database. So wait a couple more days and Restore again.

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    okay i will try that


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    when im restoring it, should i keep my origional carrier sim in it or put a working non-three sim in it?

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    The original carrier's SIM. it does not have to be an active SIM; it can be one that has been discontinued.

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    What if we accidentally clicked on RESTORE FROM BACK-UP, I didnt want to plug it out because I was afraid it would ruin the phone. Can I reverse the process, what do i do from here now ? Please help.

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    Now Restore it as a new device.

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    I followed all steps by AT&T instructions, got the:



    BUT the "About" section still says:

    Carrier      AT&T 14.2


    Is it still locked?




    Thank you!

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    No. It's unlocked... If you have an AT&T SIM in it, of course it will tell you that's what your carrier is...