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ATT approved the unlocking via email and provided the steps to complete the process via iTunes.

My intent was to continue using the iPhone in the US and get a new SIM card in Europe this summer. So I don't want to erase anything. Is that possible?

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    You will have to Restore the iPhone with iTunes to get the Unlock activated. You can wait till Summer, just before you travel to Europe. But to Unlock you will have to Restore the iPhone eventually. Also after the Unlock your current SIM Card will still work as before. When you obtain a Europe SIM during your travels you will need to swap the SIM Cards. When you return home you can swap your current SIM back into the iPhone and use it again.

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    Thank you Brad.

    Do you mean that if I Restore + use the same SIM card everything else remains the same and no one is the wiser until I get to Europe and get a new SIM card (Idon't want to ersae anything or lose my apps)?

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    There is nothing sotred on the SIM, so that has nothing to do with losing anything.


    You can restore your iphone, unlocking it.  You can then do whatever you like.  you can sync your data form your computer back to the iphone and use whatever SIM you like.