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Does anyone know if there's a way to restore selected Settings (Contacts, Email accounts, Safari bookmarks) from an old backup without going through the whole Restore process (deleting software, checking with Apple, etc.)? I tried checking Sync Contacts, ...Mail Accounts, and ...Safari Bookmarks in the Info pane in iTunes, but that copied everything from my Mac, which I don't need. I just need the bookmarks, contacts, etc. I had before I went through a bunch of contortions (which included upgrading to iOS 6) trying to get the iPad to connect to WiFi again. Apparently backups are kept in ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup, but it's a bunch of generic-icon files with incomprehensible names, so no way I can get anything out of there.


And is there a way to delete old backups that I know I'll have no use for? iTunes seems to keep them all, like Time Machine (which I don't use). Once I get this iPad set up properly, I'll just need the most recent backup.

iPad 2, iOS 6, 16GB