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Hi everyone,


I am trying to render a Motion 5 sequence in Final Cut Pro X (10.0.6).
When I send the render to Compressor (4.0.5), it appears to render successfully with the CPU maxing out at 100% for a few minutes and disk activity occuring as it would use source files for rendering. My problem with this occurs a few more minutes into the render when my Share Monitor alerts me that "Quicktime Error -2045" has occured.


Has anyone else experienced this problem?
Thanks for your help.



Compressor, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
  • Russ H Level 7 (20,240 points)

    I've never had this. Is this M5 sequence something you exported out of M5 and then imported into FCP? Could you export it as a movie out of FCP and then import that into Compressor?


    Kind of a vague explanation form Editcodes: Indicates failure to write a file properly (which you knew). Suggested actions (again from Editcodes) change the disk you're writing to; disable 3rd party plug-ins.