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Problem: MBP turns off with 5 or so minutes every time it is turned on when plugged in when the battery is not fully charged. I am able to use it only when it is unplugged or plugged in and fully charged. When charging (and computer off or sleeping) the indicator light on the charger switches between red and green. This started a few months ago.


Stats: MacBook Pro 15 inch (Early 2011). Upgraded to 8 GB memory in the summer and a 7200rpm 750GB Hard Drive (serial-ATA). OSX Mountain Lion.


I have determined that it is not due to the charger by trying other chargers. I brought it to my University's tech store and they could not determine the problem after running basic diagnostics. They did say it was not the hard drive and not the memory (although, who knows he was a student). I have tried putting the original hardware back in the MBP. Does not work.


I just tried backing up my computer to my Time Capsule and it said it did not do it "10 days ago because the computer was/in poor thermal condition"


Thoughts? Ideas? Answers?

MacBook Pro (15-inch Early 2011), iOS 6