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Mountain Lion's Power Nap "feature" already ***** at sleeping the computer even if tasks are running (downloading files via Firefox or Chrome, encoding a video in HandBrake, etc...), but it also seems to make the computer sleep when using a hot corner to make the displays turn off.  Previously in Snow Leopard, using a hot corner to sleep the displays wouldn't sleep the computer, since the hot corner was used for "Put Displays to Sleep", not "Put Computer to Sleep".  But in Mountain Lion, using the hot corner also puts the computer to sleep, immediately, not at the timed setting in the Energy Saver preference pane. 


Why is this?


Shouldn't putting the displays to sleep only put the displays to sleep?  Why did Apple break this and not fix it in 10.8.1 or 10.8.2?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)