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I own the 4th iTouch and i'm thinking about getting the 5th iTouch.


A few of the reasons why I want the new iTouch is because of the better processor, storage & camera. The storage is great for the starting price. I was expecting a $300 8gb iTouch. Other small things I like about it is Siri, the Panorama feature, and 3D maps.


However, it could have been BETTER. I feel there are a few things that have been left out on the new device.

-The 'improved' 5mp camera is....ok. Its not great but it works and the camera is already outdated. If the new iTouch came with an 8mp camera, it would have been an obvious YES to buy it. However, its a LOT better than using the 4th iTouch camera.

-The new screen size is good; perfect for watching movies. A sharper retina display would have been better. (if that screen technology is even out yet)


There were a lot of small improvements and a few big improvements. Everything has been updated. It might be better for the price to go down next year.


Do you think it would be better to buy it when the price goes down? or wait for the new model?

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    there is no point buying the ipod 5 if you already own a ipod touch 4. they will both get the same updates, so your not missing out on anything. wait till the ipod 6 comes out or something so you dont waste money on buying every single ipod.


    I hope this helps you

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    I do have to say (IMO) the 5G is worth it. Many of the games I stopped playing because of lag work great now. The larger screen and reduced weight make it much more appealing to me. Yes, the 4g will get some of the updates that the 5g will, such as IOS 6, but with only 256 megs of ram it really slows down and is pretty laggy. The camera is a vast improvement over the 4G, and while it doesnt equal the iphone 5, I find myself using it out and about where the 4G was a waste except outdoors on a bright day. The screen, if it is not as good as the iphone 5, it is pretty **** close. There will always be a new one coming out, and you could spend your life waiting for the next one because it will be better than the one that just came out. Glad I picked one up, it would be a looong wait for the next one.


    Just my 2 cents, worth what it costs...

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    Yeah im having the same problem. The problem is in 2 more years their going to make another iPod touch with a A6 processor, higher res screen, 8 megapixel camera, and a better front facing camera. I say you get the touch NOW, so your not stuck waiting for something that's just going to be a redisigned iphone. The iPod touch 5g is the least inferior so far and is the best quality. I'm getting one to replace my 4g and I say you do the same. Most likely a yellow or silver one

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    Yes there is because i have one (blue) (32GB) and it is worth it because it has siri (yes siri is compatable with the ipod touch 5th generation) and with the camra it has a flash camra and when you are about to take a picture you can take your two fingers and zoom in on the screen when you are about to take the picture it is so worth it

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    I know that it may be tempting to buy an iPod 5 but you may as well keep your iPod 4 and update it to the latest version of IOS. Soon a new iPod will arise in the market and people will be dying to get it. But you on the other hand already own an iPod and so I think that you can save a lot of money by not buying another iPod and using the money towards something else.


    -Hopes this helped!!!!

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    I know the one who started this discusion has probably already decided, but for others looking at this discution, I personally think the ipod 4 is nearly as good as the 5. both can get iOS 6, both have facetime, iMessage, and most other stuff. and the 4 is better for people with small hands. not taking anything away from the 5 tho, it's an amazing ipod!

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    I think that if you have the iPod touch 4th generation, you don't need to buy the 5th generation, That is because they do not have much of a difference; here is the list of things I have found so far:

    -The iPod touch 4th generation is not compatible with iOS 7

              •No iTunes Radio

              •You cannot access basic settings as easily

    - The 4th generation has a less good camera

         However, I would like to say that that the 5th generation has more of a difference in the way it looks rather than the what it can do.

          PS: the classic iPod is actually very practical if you are counting on only watching videos or listening to music. It is a lot like the iPod nano.

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    All good points, but you are responding to a post from 31 Oct. 2012. I think Andrew has sorted things out, don't you.

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    And on top of that, someone already answered my question.

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    Hello Andrew, So it's been a couple of years... and I'm curious, did you stick with the iPod 4 or bite the bullet and buy an iPod 5? If you did, was it worth it? Cheers!

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    Good question! Glad you asked! I stuck with the iPod 4 for a few reasons.


    -I was already satisfied with the iPod 4; It's still semi-advanced to this day. But not compatible with iOS 7

    -It does pretty much everything the iPod 5 does.

    -However, I tested out everything at the apple store and boy are they fast!!! (iPad and iTouch)

    -I really want something new, but not until there's a significant change between the iPod 4 and...whatever comes out next.

    -One more thing, I dropped my iPod 4 face first on tile last week. And yes, the whole screen is shattered So I'm definately buying either the next iPad or the next iTouch in fall 2014. New stuff always comes out in the fall.

    -Oh, and my brother bought the iPhone 5s and its incredibly fast. Like some future alien technology compared to my iPod 4.


    I think I made a good decision to stay with the iTouch 4.

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    I only asked because I came into this show with an iPod 5, but almost bought a 4 for many the same reasons, but figured if I'm going to get my feet wet might as well go all in! For the most part, I like it, light years ahead of walkmans and carrying a pile of CD around! Sorry to hear yours hit the payment. Will be interesting to see what's next in the line of Bigger and Better. I know you can get your replaced with a refurbished iPod for something less than $150, check with Apple. Good luck, Cheers!