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I was in the process of adding Starbucks to Passbook and at the end I confused the "Add" with the Starbucks app "Add" to add a new card, so I canceled and it was actually the whole Passbook process that got cancelled.


Now I go to Passbook again but I can't see the Add button anymore. When I click open it goes straight to the Starbucks app but no Add button...


any help?

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    If you have the latest version of the Starbucks app, when you open your card, you should get a prompt to add the card to the Passbook. I'm not exactly sure about a forced add, but I'll check and see, since I have more than one card. I'll post back.

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    I found it! It was kind of hidden. When you go to "Manage", under the card, there are some options like "Refresh Balance", "Transfer Balance", etc... all Starbucks related.


    Well, there is a new option at the end called "Add to Passbook", and once you add it, "Vie Card in Passbook"


    Thanks... you helped me to figure it out...

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    Okay, got it. Go to the Starbucks app and select the card you want to add to the Passbook. While that card is on the screen, go to Manage. Once of the choices there is "Add Card to Passbook".

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    Great. Glad you got it.