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royhova Level 1 Level 1

I recently updated my iPhone 4S to iOS 6 with great regret. I have run into a number of issues with the update that I feel has finally pushed me to pose a question. Related to the subject, I am not a fan of social anything and despise game center.  My issue is:


Even though I disable game center, once I log in for any reason on the iPhone (app update as example) it logs me into game center.


Is there anyway to permanently disable game center and/or not have it share my log in information with the app store. I find it to be an invasion of privacy that my password is shared without my consent across different apps in the device.


To use a good analogy, this same "feature" could allow an app to use your banking password for auto login purposes.


As an FYI, I did search the forums and I have no interest in just "letting it run in the background" I do not want it to auto login and save any information about me.

  • ChrisJ4203 Level 9 Level 9

    Not sure if this is it, but from page 99 of the iOS 6 User Guide it talks about settings, Notifications and the Apple ID.

  • ParallelP Level 1 Level 1

    There is, apparently, no way to disable or remove Game Center unless your device is jailbroken. As others have discussed, you can disable your Game Center account or, when the totally annoying invitation to join Game Center comes up when you are playing an app, you can click "cancel" numerous times until it leaves you alone.  (Your Game Center account, BTW, shows all the game apps you have on your device that are Game Center enabled with your score compared to others, even if you opt out of having a public profile and "friends").


    Until (or if) we are able to remove it, my solution is:


    • Log into my Game Center account and  remove  my "nickname" and all personal references, so it's essentially non-functional.
    • Turn off all notifications for Game Center in Settings
    • For the one "must-have" game I play frequently,  use the numerous (irritating) button tap method to make Game Center quit bugging me when I play it
    • Remove all games apps on my device that are Game Center enabled with the exception of the one that I really love playing.
    • Stop downloading any more game apps that are labeled with the Game Center icon (the ones that run through Game Center are clearly marked in the App Store). 


    I don't know if game developers are now required to align with Game Center, but, if they aren't, I will no longer support those who do.  There are plenty of great games out there that don't sync with Game Center.


    Apple -- allow us to remove this app, please!  App Developers -- please STOP making your apps Game Center enabled  -- or at least make it optional for the player.

  • Busybee1 Level 1 Level 1

    Don't know how long it will work but I opened up Game Center and when it asked "do you agree with the terms" I clicked no and it logged me out. My games dont seem like they are connected anymore and when I click the game center icon it ask me to sign in. Don't know though if that's just a temporary bandaid or if it will stop trying to make me log on.

  • royhova Level 1 Level 1

    Unfortunately those are all temporary. If you purchase something from the App Store, which triggers you to enter your apple password, it will automatically log you into Game Center.


    I even went to the length of removing all the games listed in Game Center and disable using the steps mentioned many times in this thread. It still auto logs in. This is a new "feature" in iOS 6 and it is getting to the point where I am looking at an alternative to the iPhone.


    Between Game Center, needing to pay for a map app to replace the inferior replacement, and the other short comings the divide is starting to narrow.

  • punkz420 Level 1 Level 1

    I was able to disable gamecenter on IOS6. I signed out of game center, then i removed my log on name. basically leave logon name and password feilds blank. now close game center. go to one of your games and game center should pop up with option to disable it. i found out by accident.

  • punkz420 Level 1 Level 1

    update: just want to make this easy to disable. to disable you have to be signed out of game center. open one of your games that loads game center to log in, but dont log in. tap cancel, you will have to do this 3 times usually to bring up the disable option. here is a picture after i hit cancel 3 times.


  • ParallelP Level 1 Level 1

    As mentioned previously in this and other threads, disabling is only temporary. It will come back next time you open the game.

  • punkz420 Level 1 Level 1

    correction to what you said about it coming back next time you open game. It will only come back if you have used your apple I.D. password to purchase an app, or anything you needed to use your password for. so with that said, after you have disabled game center... the only way it comes back is when you use your apple I.D. password for an app purchase, ect. basically if use your Apple I.D. password after you have disabled game center. you will have to disable game center again. I have been doing this for awhile now. I know how this works. its annoying process, but just have to re-disable each time you use your apple I.D. password. also it will stay disabled until you use your apple I.D. password on an app, ect. I haven't used my Apple I.D. password in a month or so, not once did game center pop up when in my games.



    This method works 100% percent guaranteed if you do what I said

  • Skydiver119 Level 7 Level 7

    DOesn't work for me. It seems to come back every time the game restarts. Well, I have an iPad 2 and with the extra demands of iOS6, my apps restart on a daily other words I can't start Angry Birds and keep it running for days before it restarts, as soon as I use my iPad for another game Angry Birds will restart and I have the whole game center thing. I sign out of Angry Birds and it signs me back in.


    I can avoid the auto sign in if I go into the game center app, delete my account and disable it, and then when I start Angry Birds it doesn't auto log me in, but wants me to sign in. I have notfications turned off and everything else turned off, but it refuses to take no for an answer.


    This app has access to my apple ID password and signs me in without my consent. And nothing seems to stop it. I love playing Angry Birds but i'm to the point of deleting it just to stop it.

  • punkz420 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm sorry your having issues with "Game Center" recurring. I am currently using and running Iphone 4s and lastest software iOS 6.01. The only problem I been getting relates to your apps "restarting" I play Words With Friends daily, It constantly closes and I have to restart it. WWF doesn't use Game Center though. This started happening after I updated to lastest iOS 6.0.1. I never had a problem on previous iOS 5.1.1. I should have been more spefic about what Iphone I was using and iOS verson. This my first post on here and I wanted to share my solution to disable Game Center that I stumbled opon.


    I am not sure if this works with all other devices running iOS 6.0.1. But, I did download and install Angry Birds and tested Game Center when I was Logged out. I was able to disable after 3 attempts.


    Heres what I did:



    Step 1: Sign into Game Center then sign out of Game Center.

    Step 2: Open Angry Birds, when asked to log into Game Center, tap cancel, then close Angry Birds.

    Step 3: Open Angry Birds, when asked to log into Game Center, tap cancel, then close Angry Birds.

    Step 4: Open Angry Birds, when asked to log into Game Center, tap cancel. This time a window pops up saying: Disable Game Center? tap Disable, close Angry Birds.

    Step 5: Open Angry Birds, Game Center will no longer pop up asking to log in.


    Tested and works on Iphone 4s iOS 6.0.1, along with any other app/games that use Game Center.


    Note: When your Game Center is currently disabled. Once you use your Apple I.D. after Game Center has been disabled. You enabled Game Center again after the use of Apple I.D.

    You will have to repeat Steps 1-5, works with all app games, ect.


    Its currently the only solution that works on Iphone 4s iOS 6.0.1 thats not Jail-Broken.

  • Skydiver119 Level 7 Level 7

    That;s pretty much the procedure I have to take. With me, since iOS6 pushes my iPad2 to the limit, if I play angry birds 3 times a day, I have to go through that three times a day. It kinda spooks me that an app has access to my apple ID and password, signs me in despite me repeatedly signing out and just keeps doing it. All someone has to do is hack their database and they have access to my Apple ID (and millions of others I would guess given how popular the game is). It just seems a massive security and privacy issue. I tried to contact Rovio but was ignored and of course the feedback sent to Apple goes unanswered, in the meantime I would love to be playing the new game of theirs but don't feel like I can. I am glad I only use gift cards, so I don't have a credit card at risk with my apple ID, so when/if it does get hacked, at least it'll be a minimal loss.

  • Radix__ Level 1 Level 1

    Apple -- allow us to remove this app, please!  App Developers -- please STOP making your apps Game Center enabled  -- or at least make it optional for the player.

    To reach Apple, you have to


    This forum is apparently user to user only and Apple doesn't read it.

  • JOE DUBBS Level 1 Level 1

    To stop my Game Center from initializing I :


    - Logged into Game Center

    - *Click* on "Games" (bottom center)  then a list will populate with all of your apps that are linked to the GC.

    - *Swipe* the first app on the list

    - *Select*  "Remove" then you are reminded to "uninstall app"
    - *Click*  "Cancel" because you don't want to uninstall the app.  You just want to remove it from the list.


    I had to go back in and do this for a second time because my app list had to repopulate with the remainng apps that I didn't remove yet.


    This has worked great for me.  


    Good luck.

  • Skydiver119 Level 7 Level 7


    it worked for a while, but angry birds just logged me back in. No idea if my other games will do the same, but it doesn't seem to last - that or the Angry Birds app is very aggressive in its Game Center pushage.

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