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So I am going to buy a MacBook A1181 from a friend. I have to install a new hard drive because he broke it. I would like to know what do I have to do, upgrade or get so I can be able to have iCloud on it. From what I have been reading that MacBook cannot get mountain lion OS. I am actually new for MacBooks I've had iPhone for a long time. So I would like to know lets say the MacBook is in stock form what is the highest or best OS system I can put on it so it can work good. Proper and fast.

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    several MacBooks have that model number.  Ask for the model identifier, ex (1,1...2,1 etc) so your questions can be accurately answered.

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    This is what I get in the back of the battery where it says serial number. W8709020wgm that's what I have under serial number.

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    You have a late 2006 MacBook with an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU. As long as you have a minimum of 2GB of memory (4GB is recommended), you can install OS X 10.7 Lion.


    You'll need a 2.5" serial ATA (SATA) hard drive to replace the one that's not working. If you'll do it yourself, you should check what's installed in it today, to confirm the hard drive height, which is most likely 9.5mm.


    Unless your friend gave you an OS X 10.6 DVD, you'll need to buy that from your in-country online Apple store by calling them, which in the US is 800-MY-APPLE.  You'll also need to buy a download code for Lion from the online Apple store, as only Mountain Lion is available from the App store (this MacBook will not run OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion). You have to call the online Apple store to buy either, as they are not available online.  

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    Alright so I have to upgrade it to a 4gb ram because its recommended and install a new hard drives. So we came up to an agreement which was $175 including hard drive because he broke it is that worth it buying or no

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    Only you can know if it's worthwhile to you or not. That said, it seems very low with a new hard drive installed.  You might want to run the Apple hardware test before writing a check. It's located on the original OS X DVD's, which you need to get with the system too.