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  • rhvandenheuvel Level 1 Level 1

    Only if you have the consumer preview running, it will work on windows 8 with some multitouch touchpad problem that is fixable and the multitouch gestures works on the consumers preview.

    but i only get it to work when you first install windows 7 on your mac, install bootcamp on windows 7 and then install windows 8 consumer preview in windows 7.


    on windows 8 pro retail version it does not work for me if i do the same with the consumer preview.

    the touchpad works but de multitouch gestures and right mousbutton(2 fingers) don't even when you uninstall the drivers and reinstall the drivers.

    You CAN install the drivers manually but you will not get the Bootcamp program to work where you can change the multitouch option etc. etc. thats why the multitouch gestures won't work.

    so in short:

    Some drivers will work on windows 8 pro retail version, not all of them because some nvidia(or intel i don't exactly) will crash your windows 8 and you are forced to reinstall it again.


    this are my experience with windows pro 8 and the consumers preview

  • Csound1 Level 8 Level 8

    As Win 8 is unsupported random errors are common.

  • Q80Warlock Level 1 Level 1

    I used Bootcamp with Windows 8 RP there is a common bug were the OS will freeze, you need to disable the new Windows clock and processor dynamic ticking engine. Open a command line windows and enter the following :


    bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes


    I didn't have any freezing or crashes after that.


    But sadly there is another bug with CHKDSK that will kick in if you forced power off the Mac while in Windows 8. After the automatic CHKDSK Windows 8 will never boot properly only blackscreen

  • Naga0 Level 1 Level 1

    so i have used windows 8 for a while but am starting to get sick of it (no update)

    i want to uninstall it and go back to using mac for now HOWEVER

    how can i install windows 8 again

    i upgrade it through the internet so i got no disc

    i only got the cd key


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