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if I down load say a album can I remove it from my device after I have finished with it without losing it forever also can icloud be used to stream movies purchesed from the iTunes store ? and once viewed can they be deleated from the device and returned to icloud for future use ? Thus saving many GB of storage ?

All help and answers would help me understanding this thank you all in advance.


Keith Rimmer



iPod touch (5th generation), iOS 6
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    As you are in the UK then you can re-download music and you should be able to re-download films (I don't think that all film studios have agreed to making their films available for re-downloading) : re-downloading.  But as there is no guarantee that any content will remain available in the store (content is occasionally removed by the provider), you are better off either downloading them on your computer and then syncing them to your device or copying them from your device to your computer's iTunes (File > Transfer Purchases) and then taking a backup of them before deleting them e.g. copy them to an external drive.