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To Forum,



when editting some already made recurring events, sometimes they dont save.  I get:


Couldnt Save Changes To... *Event*.

Your changes to this event could not be saved because of server error. Please try later


i try later and still the same. The error repeats itself on the same item. Other events i change at the same time dont have the error, which leads me to the Event in question having the error.


Any thoughts?

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    Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 8.07.52 AM.png

    I've been having this issue too - this isn't just in one calendar either and it isn't all events in any calendar.  Seems to be very event specific, across multiple calendars of mine.  Anyone find a solution or have one?  I've tried to power down the device, no go.  I've tried to change iPhone calendar settings to synch only 6 months of events instead of all, no go.  I put back to synch all events on the iPhone, no go.  This is clearly related to iCloud but I'm fearful to turn it off and then back on as I've lost data that way prior...