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[edit] I am using 10.7.5 not 10.6.8 sorry [\edit]


My company recently upgraded to Canon Image Runner C5051 units.

They added print servers with authentication for follow me printing (print at any machine around the building by authenticating).


I have read tons of discussions, forums and google articles on how to get image runners to print with os x - yet to no avail.


I have downloaded both the recent drivers from canon (the PS and URII) updates.

I can only seem to connect to the printer using the "Windows" domain feature in the add printer settings.

The Windows URL is \\printARL\ARLC-Secure.

I can ping the \\printARL and retrieve the IP address.  But I cannot do the same with the full path (\\printARL\ARLC-Secure)


Trying to LDP print to the printARL ip does not work.  I have no way of figuring out the full path ip address of the print server.

On my windows computer it shows "null" in the port/ip address on the PORTs tab.


So with URII I cannot identify the LDP ip address to use so if I connect via the windows domain it keeps returning error -50.

I guess this makes sense because its not LDP.


Using the windows search to connect and applying the Canon 5051 PS driver it seems to function.

It connects, allows to me authenticate, moves the file to the print server, and shows up at the printer.

But when I print, it does nothing.  No output.  ...sometimes it even makes the sound like it is printing, but then no dice.


If I try and Generic PS or PCL driver, it sends the document.

But when I print, it seems to produce a paper format error (thinks it LGL)

So if you force the printer to print to LTR, it spits out reems of giberish.


There must be something I am missing.

MacBook Air (11-INCH, MID 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.5), Canon ImageRunner C5051
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    Pahu where are you? 

    I have started reverting to a PC just to print in my office.

    I know there must a solution - any direction would be much appreciated!

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    Sorry for missing your post. I don't check the 10.6 forums too often.


    Reading your post it sounds like your are using uniFLOW, which is the follow-me printing app. So if you want to continue using this with the Mac there are a few things to note.


    1. The Mac UFR2 driver wants to communicate directly with the copier. With print jobs being routed via the Windows print server (uniFLOW secure input queue) there is no chance of there being two-way communication and this often causes the -50 error you mention.


    The solution is to use the Canon PPD, but this would require the ADV C50xx to have the optional Postscript kit. And given the gibberish output you mention it would seem that this kit was not purchased. So I would be talking to the Canon rep. If they had scoped your business correctly and saw the Mac/s then the PS kit should have been ordered.


    2. You cannot ping the printer queue on the Windows server. So pinging \\printARL\ARLC-Secure won't work as you have found. But you can ping the Windows server, which you did and this worked. And, your issue is not due to an inability to connect to the Windows queue. It is a driver issue.


    3. Using the PS driver appears to work. Lets you authentice but does not print. This is due to the lack of the Postscript kit in the copier.


    4. Re the Generic PS, no PS kit means no printing. And the same goes for PCL.


    So, in summary. The UFR2 driver is not designed to print via a Windows server. For your setup, the Postscript kit in the copier would solve your issue.