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I've searched around on the Internet but I haven't found the same sort of problem. My battery life is fine but when I go to check my usage The standby time is the same as the usage time. When it is on standby the usage time is stopped but when I use the phone the standby time rises with the usage time. I have reset and restarted the phone. I have also restored my iPhone via DFU mode and set it up as a new phone. Do you think it could be iOS6 being corrupt and I should try and download it again?

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    Mine is doing the same thing, it only seems to be telling me the total amount if time since I pulled it off of full charge. Seems as if it may be mis worded. However it does the same thing on my ipad and my wife's iPhone as well

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    Yes, thats with just the standby time right? My usage time functions correctly, only the standby time doesnt work.

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    You can check the iOS User Guide, page 134, but the Standby time is the time since the last charge http://manuals.info.apple.com/en_US/iphone_user_guide.pdf. The usage time is the actual useage time, but if those two times are exactly the same, then there is a problem. If the usage time is smaller than the Standby time, then it is correct. I believe the wording is incorrect, as it really does not display the time the phone has been in standby. So your actual usage statistics are not the standby plus the usage for a total. Standby would actually be the Standby time minus the usage. Confusing, huh?


    You can give feedback to Apple if you would like concerning this at www.apple.com/feedback

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    I see. Was that always the case? Maybe I just never looked at the usage. Thanks for your help, that is worded very wrongly, I have seen a number of posts asking my questions but no one has answered them!

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    As far as I know that has always been the case. I was confused at first as well until someone explained it to me. Enjoy your phone.

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    Same issue here on (2) iphone 5 and an ipad, I have reset everything and nothing seems to work.  Stanby should be higher then usage.  Wonder if we all have an app that maybe using the background process's and if so how can we tell? Is the battery life the same?

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    Lol, try reading the whole discussion! It is mislabelled. Standby time is basically the time since you unplugged your phone.

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    According to Apple Care, standby is when the phone is asleep and usage is when an "activity" is being used. They should never be equal unless an app is hung etc...just stating what Apple said.

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    I had the same problem and no one at Apple could help.  I found my problem is with the CNNMoney app.  If I have this app on my iPad the times are the same.  When I delete the app the times differ as they are supposed to.

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    If u set up a VPN account, then the problem will fix, just set up a new VPN, use random name, account, password, do what the blanks require u to do. By doing this will 99% fix your problem.

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    Finally i managed to solve the riddle. Apple came back to me again stating that the battery was normal which got me thinking if this was a O/S issue. I kept testing the device and came across the Battery usage tests (Settings > General > Usage > Battery usage) to display Usage | Standby which were showing close values. I tested the phone with killing apps to see if it was any app which could not let the phone sleep.


    Amazingly, i found that when on Wifi, the values remained close indicating that it was something over Wifi which is not letting the phone sleep.


    Thereafter i tested the phone with my Mac over an application called Activity Monitor to display the processes which start when i start wifi. There were 2 processes which were invoked - Bird and CloudD. Narrowing this down brought it to be processes liked to iCloud Drive.


    As soon as i disabled Cloud Drive ( iCloud > iCloud Drive), my phone was back to great battery performance.


    I am yet to figure out more about this problem but this fixed the phone battery draining issue over Wifi.


    Hope this helps !