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I purchased Motion from the App Store and I am told I Did Not.

I am using motion 5 ay home and did some work on a project at a one-to-one at Apple Store Lakeside and now canot load it on my computer at home and can not update the program.

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    There are a couple of things you could probably try.


    If you have a previous version loaded on your computer (say 5.0.1) you could try what omeone else recently noted, trashing Motion and re-installing.





    You can also try contacting the app store support since they are probablly best equipt to help with purchase problems.


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    Another thought.  I've sometimes caused apps to not show up in my purchased list if I accidentally clicked the x button to the left of the install button.  I fixed it by viewing my accout (store menu in the app store) and then unhiding it there.

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    Make sure your computer is logged in to the App Store/iTunes.  Launch either and go to the Store menu.  There's a log in/log out option there.  Verify it is logged in.


    Exactly what are you seeing?


    When you say Lakeside, is that the New Orleans store?  If so, email me (it is in my profile), we have a local FCP users group.