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I have been battling with Snow Leopard Server 10.6.8, and SMB shares for quite some time.  I have done tons of research but can't quite figure out this problem.


I have configured my SLS in the "Golden Triangle" and verified kerberos is working through the console using kinit "username" then klist.  This all works great.



I have several sharepoints through the Server Admin console on my Snow Leopard Server.  I can access these through the domain account on a Windows 7 computer just fine.  I type in the netbios name for the server, and it comes up, I can access all folders that I have access to, and this is on all different user accounts.  For instance, my account has access to all folders, another may have read access to two folders, and read/write to another.  They can only see what they have access to.


When I try the same thing on Windows XP, things get a little strange.  Sometimes the account connects, but shows only what I have set for "others" as read or read/write, and when you click any of those folders, it says "Path Not Found" or prompts for a username/password.  More often than not, when you type in either the IP or the netbios name, you get a prompt for username and password.  When you enter the username and password (as "domain\username") it says that more than one connection cannot be made using different usernames.


Based on my troubleshooting, it looks as though Windows XP is using a different method to connect to the SLS through SMB, and my SMB is not recognizing it, logging the user under a Bad User....


Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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