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How long is it taking for iBook uploads?


I'm currently trying to upload an iBook (126 MB) and sample (12 MB). I'm on the third try. Yesterday I let it run (with all three Advanced upload options checked) for about two hours. Stopped it and tried again with Signiant unchecked (as suggested back in May - which helped back then) and stopped it at about 4 hours. I'm currentloy at 2 hr 24 minutes and counting. I'm on a fast Ethernet connection. In May a book/sample (84MB/49 MB) combination took less than two hours although from memory that varied some too.

iPad, iOS 6
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    I tried uploading over night, 16+ hours, without success. I also noticed bad behavior when trying to Preview this book although it seemed OK if I uploaded it to my web server and downloaded it to my iPad via Safari. I thought I should explore; thinking there may have been a malformed object. I tried deleting chapters and testing preview. I finally decided that maybe it was too 'big' (with over 150 html widgets) and split it into two parts. Both parts could now be previewed and both were uploaded in 1-2 hours.