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    I mean no disrespect, but an isolated incident of an iPhone 4S running iOS 5.1.1 having the same WiFi issue doesn't "prove" that the issue isn't related to iOS 6.x for the rest of us.  It is possible that your wife's WiFi in her iPhone simply stopped working and is now broken and can only be resolved with a new phone.  It's also possible that there is something inheritably wrong with the WiFi hardware or firmware in many of the iPhones affected by this that came to light in your wife's phone on 5.1.1 and for many of the rest of us when we upgrade to 6, and you are correct that it isn't limited to 6 upgrades.


    Either way, it has been proven that the issue is, more than likely, programmatic not hardware, as many have stated.  I've seen numerous posts where people have been able to fix there WiFi issue by downgrading firmware on their routers and all kinds of different fixes, but most of those are to a limited few.  Either way, the only thing that is 100% for certain is that there is a HUGE number of us that were affected by whatever Apple broke either in production of these devices, firmware coding, or iOS coding and many of us are growing very tired of this issue lingering for so long without a fix.


    To be perfectly candid, it's the response by Apple, or lack of, that is causing many of us to consider what we would not have otherwise considered which is moving to a competing Android or Windows Phone.  A simple "We acknowledge there is a problem and are working to fix it" would go a long way.  It's the same types of challenges that caused so many to abandon Apple in past years which caused them to nearly go bankrupt.


    As a business owner myself, I never thought the day would come that I could believe one individual could have such an impact, but I'm seeing a pattern at Apple.  Each time Steve Jobs "left" Apple, they took a massive tumble.  The problem this time is there is no option to bring him back to save the company.  If Apple doesn't get their act together, I truly believe they may be headed on a downward spiral that they will not recover from this time, which would be very unfortunate.

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    Apple hasn't solved this and many other problems... I am now telling my customers to buy Android products... How can I sell a product if I can't trust the product?

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    No disrespect taken but what you don't know is that my own company has (this year) issued 34 iPhone 4S as company phones... ...of these 34 identical phones 13 had updated to iOS6, the other 21 did not because the 13 that did update wish they hadn't (due to numerous reasons).  Now also of these 34 identical phones, 7 now have this issue of "wifi greyed out" and not working, of these 7 that have the "no wifi problem" it so happens that only one of these were updated to iOS6, all others are still on iOS5.1.1.  So, this throws the theory of iOS update causing the wifi issue, and as far as I am concerned this is a high enough percentage across a sample to suggest it is not related to the latest update.  I'm also confident that more of these 34 phones will develop the same wifi issue.


    Secondily, I tried putting my wifes iPhone 4S in the freezer for 15mins as recommended by other users who seemed to be able to get their wifi working using this trick, and voila, it worked!  Admittedly only for a few hours, but the wifi did work again... I can confidently say that no software related issue I have ever encounted can be fixed (even temporarily) by changing temperature!  Only hardware can be influenced by temperature or other external changes.


    I really do hope that Apple is proactively reading these posts in relation to their product issues as it feels as though it's Apples own customers that are doing all the trouble shooting to resolve an apparent and very frustrating fault!

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    It took years for me to buy into the apple hype and after finally buying a MBP in '09 I was a convert and managed to buy 2 iphones (3G & 4S) as well as a number of ipods and apple peripherals.  Despite certain quirks I (used) to believe paying the Apple tax was worth it and if a friend/acquiantance/random person asked me my opinion on what phone/tablet/computer they should buy I would unequicovally answer Apple. 


    This has changed dramatically in the past three months since the bluetooth and wifi stopped working on my 4s for no-apparent reason.  I payed the apple tax so I wouldn't have to waste my precious time searching forums for fixes and cocky-*** apple fanboys who think I have the time to mess with the firmware on my router or some other mundane crap.  My phone worked perfectly for a year, I updated it, took care of it, kept it safe and sound in an Otter Box(a company I can actually recomend) and guess what it just stops working and I get nothing.  I'm now surfing the web on my five year old itouch which works flawlessy with my home wifi.


    Unless Apple fixes this probelm that is now widespread and well-known I am done with Apple - this incident has burned me and I am no longer a loyal customer and I no longer recomned apple products


    Oh yeah and that Ipad I wanted for Christmas, I crossed it off my list - I am done I don't want another overpriced crappy paperweight from a company that no longer deserves the esteem they once garnered. 

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    Ok, my wifi has greyed out service, no connection. I think it is unneccessary to pay Apple tax for such a trouble making device like iphone 4S.

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    I had updtd. To ios6.0.1 wifi ws working fine nd suddenly de wifi button gt grey out..I showd to istore andthey said deywil replac me the whle motherboard and thts expensiv..when I showd to other technicians dey sd its nt the hardware prblm its de softwre prb.. If it wud b hardwre prblm the wifi button wudnt grey oout.. Ne bdy help... Y de **** apple ppl don't respondto ds

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    I suffer the same problem, I updated my phone to OS 6.01 and no more WIFI for me, lol , this is funny, apple doesnt seem to care much about customers, its all **** , itunes keeps on givin errors like 3149 and now this , APPLE PRODUCTS ARE ****, APPLE IS **** and this stupid 4s would be the last product i buy from a **** like apple

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    My Wifi has been greyed out for more than a month now . It has been very difficult to get all the work done without wifi and I am no longer buying apple products. I pay more than £40 a month for this contract, if apple don't fix this problem in the next week, i am switching to android. Absolutley Pathetic from apple .

  • Gutizero Level 1 Level 1

    APPle = Steve Jobs


    Apple died with him, R.I.P Apple


    They dont even care about customers, thousands of people are affected by this problem and Apple doesnt seem to care , this is irritating me actually

  • TinyTim68 Level 1 Level 1

    the wifi has been greyed out on my 4S running IOS6.01 since i updated it. Can sometimes get it to work (rarely) by discharging battery and waiting for it to cool, reset network sttings etc. After lengthy phone calls with apple made an appointment with the" genius" bar in Belfast. After a 4 hour round trip by bus, day off work and completely soaked by rain was told its not a software problem and my phone has moisture damage!!!!. No replacement but a costly repair if aI wanted it. I declined as This IS a software problem or maybe a bit of both.

    Apple's lack of commitment to its loyal customers is bordering on the arrogant. They must resolve this issue and make good those phones effected or they will lose loyal repeat customers and new ones will be scared off.

  • Gutizero Level 1 Level 1

    I think many devoted apple users would start considering the Samsung Galaxy , months ago I would never consider any other phone but now , well I think I would give it a try, I know one customer cant affect apple status but I do have a feeling that this issue is massive, I been reading over the internet and I was shcoked to find out that thousands of users suffer the same problem, apple should act fast or like i said R.I.P Apple

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    wts wrong wid de apple ppl .. dey r not doin ne ting for de custmres interest... i guess bb or windows or android is much better dan dis **** phone !! i hate it !!

  • deyazzayed Level 1 Level 1

    gutizero ..  wer did u get the 6.1 version ?? can v call up apple and say dis ?

  • Gutizero Level 1 Level 1

    its available on the internet, you can uodate your phone with OS 6.1 using SHIFT + Update, dont use SHIFT+Restore


    sure u need to download the 6.1 OS from the internet, anyway it didnt solve the problem, so its useless

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    Well, I've gave up and contacted support, since my iPhone 4S is still under warranty.  I paid the $30 for express so they'd cross ship me a new one.  They said 3 business days so hopefully by mid next week I'll be one less person having this issue.  If not, I'll be back to complain more.    Best of luck to everyone and Happy Holidays.

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