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I'm hoping someone has whatever piece of information that I'm missing. I have a 27-inch LED Cinema Display that has the mini DisplayPort interface. It works perfectly when connected to my 17" MacBook Pro (which has built-in mini DisplayPort output). I also have an HP EliteBook 8440p laptop (work-provided, locked down, running Windows 7 Enterprise Edition 32-bit) that has a built-in DisplayPort output. If it matters, it has an Intel HD Graphics chip. I bought this adapter (Startech DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort Video Cable Adapter, M/F) which physically connects the PC laptop output and the display input. Nothing happens when they are connected, though. The monitor will not turn on (there is no power button to force it to turn on) and the laptop does not show any indication that there is another display connected (Device Manager or Display properties). Others on the purchase page say they've had success with this configuration, but no indication of having to do something other than connect the devices together.


I've read people talking about extracting the AppleControlPanel.exe file from the BootCamp installer executable, but I don't have a PC that I can use to extract the file, nor am I clear on whether or not that will solve the issue - it looks to just be the utility that allows you to control the monitor brightness. I'll probably want that at some point, but not needed yet.


Is there something that I'm missing? For what its worth, I also have a non-Apple LCD monitor that has DVI in. I bought a DisplayPort-to-DVI adapter for the same laptop and it works perfectly, meaning that the output is active and works. Does anyone know what I might need to do to trigger the Cinema Display to wake up/turn on and connect to the HP laptop?