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I have been searching around the internet for several days and cannot come up with a solution.  Forgive me if this has been answered in this group and I just didn't find it.


I have an iPhone 4S updated to iOS6.  I got it in February 2012.  I rarely delete text messages and now have Thousands from different senders that I have to delete.  I tried the usual methods like Swiping and the Edit button.  It took me an hour to delete February's messages.  I don't have time to go month by month and do this.  Is there a better way?  Is there any PC software that will let me copy the messages to my PC, DELETE the ones I don't want and then copy them back?  If I must, I can delete all my messages and start over, but this is not ideal.  Having all of these messages is slowing down my iMessage when I try to send a text and I need to get rid of them.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6