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I have tried emptying caches (under the "Develop" entry in the toolbar menu) when I make changes to my website/blog. When I revisit the page, it has not changed. I have also tried, in conjunction with "Empty caches," checking "Disable caches and resetting Safari, with the following options checked:

Clear history

Remove all webpage preview images

Reset all location warnings

Remove all website data

Clear the Downloads list.


Again, the next time I visit the page it remains unchanged.


Just to make sure I wasn't losing my mind, I downloaded images from my website that I had changed and uploaded and opened them locally. They WERE changed, so Safari does not seem to be emptying the cache.


I then went to my website and deleted every single file and folder and re-uploaded the new website in its entirety.


Once again, when I visit the page I had been trying to change, the old page is presented to me!


Am I doing something wrong or does this just not work in Safari 6 / Mountain Lion?


I just tried the same experiment in Firefox and it shows the old image. I emptied it's cache and refreshed the page. Same thing. Old image still exists. I downloaded the image file from the website, placing it on my desktop. When I opened it in Preview, it is the NEW image!!!



Safari, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)