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There are many "fixes" listed on the web and these forums. I agree that many of them help but most do not address the real problem. The problem comes from iCloud sync conflicts and crashes.


Here is the culprit:




I installed System Activity Monitor "SAM" (There are many apps that do the same...this is the one I chose)  and saw that I was having the same "accessdatad crash loop" as the article.


I proceeded to focus on the iCloud since it was the culprit in the said article. I turned off all the iCloud settings. I then checked the processes via "SAM". The crash loop was gone! I then turned one the ICloud settings one by one, checking "SAM" each time till I found "MY" problem. For me it was the Calendar. I think it could also be a contact, bookmark or mail sync item for other people. You will just have to go through all the settings till you find out what area is causing the problem.


My fix was to backup my phone then delete all the calendars from my phone. I then turned it off and back on turned on the iCloud calendar sync and then clicked on Calendar app. It resynced without crashing. Problem solved.


So if you find that its a problem with your contacts....delete all those and resync.


To note. I continued to have mild drainage issues as long as iCloud sync was on. I have since turned off all iCloud settings and my phone goes all day without needing a charge.




Quick fix: Turn off all iCloud sync settings and go back to old fashioned backups via wifi or computer.



iPhone 4S, iOS 6