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To start, I had this exact problem before and fixed it.  But that fix is no longer working.  So, I'll try and expain it accurately.


When I am looking at my own contact and click on my "home" address.  Maps takes me to a screen that says "Did you mean x address or did you mean y address".  When I make a location based reminder like: " Remind me to take the trash out when I get 'home' " Maps automatically selects the address that is not the one I meant.  Below my address is the 260 Florence one, but when I say " Remind me to take out the trash when I get home " It sets the home location at 260 Shirley...  The way I got to the picture below is by clicking on my home address in contacts.  To be clear, this happened with both Google and Apple maps.  So I actually am not in the belief that this is related to the typical Apple maps problems.


Now I had fixed this before by putting in my county and not just the local city, but that fix is not working anymore.  Does anyone have any suggestions how to make sure maps doesn't have to keep asking what I meant?



iPhone 5, iOS 6, 32gb
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